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The harsh northern Sweden - very beautiful and unique country with a mass opportunities for recreation. This intense day sightseeing and on the nature and good ski resorts. Only vacation is not for the tourist middling here all very expensive and respectable. In the country can move on planes, on rail and buses. In different parts of the country have to be combined once all modes of transport. Simply rent a car, which, again, will cost very expensive, plus the cost of expensive gasoline. Taxis within the city will cost a little cheaper Car rental. One option address transport issues — reservation Transfer in Sweden. You should not run around in search of free taxi bus parking or rental offices. At the door of the airport / train station you will meet a car chosen brand and class. The driver will help you bring things to the car and to the deadline will take you and your company in desired location. Paying Transfers in Sweden, through DixiTaxi, you do not have to worry about extra commissions, fees and tips. You pay strictly the amount specified in the check. The cost for airport transfer to Sweden your hotel or back can be seen below.

Transfer order

Order the transfer of the country Sweden can cheap and fast : the final price, convenient way to pay by credit card, modern cars and vans for transfer from 1 to 9 passengers , delivery at a convenient time, the possibility of order several cars for a big company. Meeting at the airport / Railway station, delivery to the hotel , or the city center. Transfer - it is almost same as the car rental with driver in the country Sweden or taxi, but easier and cheaper .

The cost of transfer is included : Operation transport, fuel, driver, local taxes, delivery to the meta-purpose, 1 for 1 passenger baggage.