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Below is a set of questions often asked by our clients:

How Woudl I Book a Transfer?

You may book with us by visiting our site and using our transfer booking form. Then, you will be guided in each step of the process of booking. When you have already completed the booking, the details will then be sent electronically through our transport provider. The arrangements will then be made possible according to the information provided during the booking process. In addition to that, you will be receiving a voucher and a confirmation e-mail that summarize your trip. In booking a return trip, you are only required of choosing “return trip” especially in making a selection.

How Would I Know if My Booking Has Become Successful?

When the transfer has already been completed or has already been booked, you will be receiving a confirmation email suggesting a link to the transfer voucher. This will only be valid to twenty-four hours. The booking status will also be viewed by way of a Manage Booking section on our site.

To successfully book a transfer service, all passengers need to present a mobile phone number, an email address and a flight detail.

How Would I Find my Driver/my Transport?

As per the instructions in finding your transport, or your driver, the telephone number will be presented and will be detailed in the transfer voucher. And then, this will be displayed in the section of Manage Booking of Customer Portal.

In the event that you have not yet seen your drive, or unexpected delay arise, call the number on the transfer voucher which will immediately help you get connected with a transport provider. Call the number for a transport provider to help you.

What if I Do not Meet my Transfer/Driver?

You only have to call the transport provider through the number seen on the transfer ticket for further clarification. If ever you do not solve the query directly, you may contact us via section of Customer Support. Nevertheless, there is a need to send us all information concerning the additional charges. All copies of bank statement and receipts will be required that outline the charges before our staff does the investigation.

What If I Duplicate a Booking?

If ever you have duplicated a booking, just continue to the section of Manage Booking. This will enable you to cancel the duplicate booking. Right through our portal, the bookings can be cancelled at least twenty-four hours before the pickup time.

What If I Missed the Flight, How Will I Get a Refund?

Prior to hearing your complaint of missing a flight, you will not be provided with any refund for it. Nevertheless, we recommend you call your travel insurance provider for further assistance. If ever you need a transfer booking, you can create another booking on our site.

What If I Travel with Children and Infants?

Infants aging zero to two years old and children aging three to eleven years old need to be specified during the time of booking in order that the right vehicle will be provided. As per the laws concerning the use of child seats, these usually vary from one country to another. Prior to the most updated legislation, we will comply with it including other transport providers. If ever you have booked for a private transfer, we suggest child seats or boosters for those who fall at the age of twelve or 135 centimeters. The purpose of which is to assure their safety and security.

If you travel with children and infants, call the provider of local transport on the number that is seen on the transfer voucher. The purpose of which is to request a seat of your child. The child seat is an optional extra and is chargeable. If ever the transport provider cannot be contacted to offer you the child seat, you will then be required to bring your own.

What Should I Bring When I Travel?

You may bring a transfer voucher in digital version. Nevertheless, it is suggested for you to print a voucher copy in two copies. One copy should be intended for every journey. The transfer voucher could also be printed directly by means of Manage Booking section of the Customer Portal.

If I have a complaint, how will I be able to get an update?

Our staffs will handle and resolve your complaint immediately. Nevertheless, this will usually take up to several working days. No need for you to call us at this time for we will update you all throughout the investigation. If ever you want us to offer you with additional information, visit our Customer Support Section of Customer Portal.

What If I Have Additional Fees to Pay?

Contact the transport provider through the number that can be seen on the transfer ticket. This will help you to clarify things. If ever this still cannot be resolved, the case can be presented with us via the section of Customer Portal. Ensure to send us all relevant information about the additional fees. We will also demand you of presenting a copy of the bank statement or receipts.