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Vikings, Valkyries, brave explorers, charming, but the harsh nature of — that's what Norway. Beautiful scenery of fjords, mountains, snow and unusual culture beckon to him like a magnet. Travel here — a pleasure. In cities regularly goes public transportation, and tourists prefer to use taxis (Expensive, but comfortable and fast). Take a car in the cities is not recommended: Paid parking and always crowded, and for parking Parking is laid heavy fines. Also, keep an eye out for the police compliance with all the rules of the road, the belt necessarily wear your seat!
In Order To Norway travel without the hassle and waste of resources, Use the early booking Transfer Norwegian airport to the hotel or vice versa. It offers several brands   cars different class. You will be met at the airport / train station / hotel and have bring in the desired location by the deadline. Paying Transfer reservation in Norway by Intui, you know in advance the exact amount of costs road.


Transfer order

Order the transfer of the country Norway can cheap and fast : the final price, convenient way to pay by credit card, modern cars and vans for transfer from 1 to 9 passengers , delivery at a convenient time, the possibility of order several cars for a big company. Meeting at the airport / Railway station, delivery to the hotel , or the city center. Transfer - it is almost same as the car rental with driver in the country Norway or taxi, but easier and cheaper .

The cost of transfer is included : Operation transport, fuel, driver, local taxes, delivery to the meta-purpose, 1 for 1 passenger baggage.