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Cozy and friendly Finland is in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, so residents Peter often go there for the weekend for shopping or just relax.
What is known for Finland? Its amazing nature, Finnish saunas, fishing and conscientious anxious attitude to all residents that their surrounds a variety of attractions.
Winter holidays in Finland — this is a real Christmas story, and gives a feeling of unreality magic happening. In this case, you will have a sense of harmony and peace of mind.
You can   book Transfers in Finland — from   airport, ferries from Helsinki,   Tampere, Kotka and others. Book a taxi or minibus will take you to hotel gornolyhny resort, or at any other place quickly and without additional overpayments. In addition, you can book a transfer to Finland   from St. Petersburg — there regularly sent as bus trips and individual taxi. Such a transfer, as a rule,   is from 25 to $ 50, but booking Transfer   through Intui, you'll immediately to know the exact cost of your trip.
Book transfers in Finland, you can be rest assured that you will arrive at their destination on time and in comfort.

Transfer order

Order the transfer of the country Finland can cheap and fast : the final price, convenient way to pay by credit card, modern cars and vans for transfer from 1 to 9 passengers , delivery at a convenient time, the possibility of order several cars for a big company. Meeting at the airport / Railway station, delivery to the hotel , or the city center. Transfer - it is almost same as the car rental with driver in the country Finland or taxi, but easier and cheaper .

The cost of transfer is included : Operation transport, fuel, driver, local taxes, delivery to the meta-purpose, 1 for 1 passenger baggage.